The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Nipigon, ON
The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

Nipigon, ON

Father Henryk Augustynowicz: 2014 - present

St. Hilary Parish, Red Rock, ON
St. Hilary Parish

Red Rock, ON

Father Henryk Augustynowicz: 2016 - present

Mission Church - St. Sylvester, Lake Helen, ON
Mission Church - St. Sylvester

Lake Helen, ON

The first recorded burial in the cemetery was on October 3, 1880. The cross was blessed b y the Reverend Joseph Specht, SIM, on October 7, 1880. The church hell weighed 300 pounds and was a gift from Mr. Henri de la Ronde. It was blessed by Bishop Jamot on July 13, 1884.

The mission church has witnessed many christenings, weddings, and funeral over the many years of its existance.
Occasional masses and special ceremonies are still performed in the church today.
In recent years, the church has undergone some restoration work thanks to volunteers from the community.

St. Sylvester's Church
History As We Know It.
Jesuit Mission established in 1852 and called (OPOO-GAN-ASIN) meaning PIPESTONE.

First mass held February 29, 1852 in the Hudson Bay Barn. Father Duranquet, accompanied by the Indians selected the spot on which the church was built. The Jesuit Brothers decided to have this church build along their water route, which served as a rest stop before going to te missions at Gull Bay, White Sand, Nipigon House, Grand Bay, and McIntyre Bay on Lake Nipigon. Bishop Jamot bought 383 acres of land from the government and the church was built on it.

The Church was built by hewn logs cut from the nearby forest.

Father D. Duranquet (Waiashtestkang - Gives Light) started building the mission church in 1877.
The living quarters (priest house) adjoining the church was build in 1878 by Father Joseph Nebert (Natainabow - Leader).
The church was built by hewn logs cut from the nearby forest. The work was done by the Indians and the priest and whoever was able to donate thier time.